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Director of Strength & Conditioning

I have been a personal trainer for 7 years. My focus is on high intensity training with an equal emphasis on nutrition as proper nutrition is an integral part of all muscle-building and weight-loss programs. I have competed in figure competitions over the past several years with my most recent being in April 2012, the Empire Classic, in which I took 2nd place. I am married with two wonderful boys, ages 10 and 2, which are the joy of my life. My passion in life is to help people reach their goals and live a more meaningful life. There is nothing more rewarding than the hugs I receive when I have helped someone change their life. I would love to hear from you and help you reach your goals!
The first step in the training process is evaluation, each athlete is taken through a comprehensive evaluation of strength, speed, and agility to determine their base level of performance. This evaluation will allow us to fit the athlete into the best performance level with like individuals for maximum results. This test will be reviewed and used to track improvement.
BEGINNER STRENGTH | General physical preparation.
This class will teach correct movement patterns and build the baseline for strength and muscular endurance required to begin weight training. This class is typically for younger, less experienced athletes who have never been taught basic weight training techniques and require intense supervision and coaching.
ELITE STRENGTH | More advanced exercise programs.
This class is a strength training/weight lifting program for athletes who have the general physical preparation and knowledge of movements to perform more advanced exercise programs. This class is typically for older, more experienced athletes who require a lower degree of supervision and coaching.
BEGINNER SPEED | Basic movement patterns and body control.
This class is for young athletes who have not yet developed basic movement patterns or body control. The class will focus on body control, body awareness and developing the correct running, jumping and landing movement patterns as well as introductory plyometrics.
ELITE SPEED | Advanced movement and body control.
Similar to the Elite Strength class, this class is for older athletes who have mastered basic movement patterns. It will focus on refining basic patterns and advanced plyometrics.


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